A set of chimney sweeping rods and brush. | Available to buy from Chainsaw Specialists

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A set of chimney sweeping rods and brush. Extra rods are available, and spare heads. You can also interchange the brush end for different ends which then can be used to clear the drains. 
These rods are used for general purpose domestic drain and chimney cleaning.
This 12 piece set includes 10 x 1 meter length rods with two attachments, the 100mm rubber plunger and 50mm double worm screw and the large chimney brush, diameter approx. 16" (400mm).

Made with universal joints they simply screw together and should only be rotated in a clockwise direction.
The double worm screw end is used to retrieve an obstruction.
The rubber plunger is used to create a build up of pressure which in turn forces the obstruction to clear.
Rods are both crimped & pinned for added security.

Extra rods and different ends can also be purchased.