Peter Says...

Peter's opinion - Why Husqvarna? 

In my job I get to see almost all makes of saws (in our workshops we service and repair any make of chainsaw) and 90% of them come in broken. Abuse, poor quality, and bad design are the main reasons for failure. 

Even a "I've had this saw for years and it's never let me down once" machine may be noisy, dangerous and vibrating like crazy and were made obsolete years ago, and lack of spares can turn them into 'scrappers'.

Husqvarna machines have a lot of common spares. As machines are upgraded many new spares will fit older machines. Rather than 'drop' a machine and introduce a new one, Husqvarna tend to upgrade existing popular models. 

Husqvarna machines are the lowest vibration machines out there, this includes chainsaws, clearing saws, and power cutters. 'Vibration white finger' is a debilitating condition. Husqvarna machines are your safest option.

With most machines, if you do 'what it says on the packet' everything will be OK. In the real world machines take a lot of abuse from 'well meaning' or 'indifferent' amateurs. We find that Huskys tend to 'bounce' better that most. If they do need repairing we find them the most cost effective of machines. Other machines tend to be 'not worth it' as they sometimes seem to have an almost designed shorter life and good money could be thrown after bad.