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Available in various sizes

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This is the One. FlexiBlade™ is a revolution in trimmer technology, a patented cutting system with the power to sever weed stalks up to 3/4" in diameter with ease. The extreme cutting force of FlexiBlade™ for cutting weeds and heavy grass comes from its serrated edges. The serrations act like the teeth of a saw, bringing multiple cutting surfaces into contact with the vegetation being cut. 

FlexiBlade™ is made from a proven high-strength reinforced composite material for long-wearing durability.

This line has a highly durable core with a coated and reinforced serrated outer skin. Cuts through dense vegetation such as high and thick grass, brushwood and brambles. It cuts fast, even in heavy cutting conditions. It leaves a cleaner cut in grass.
Low noise.

Economical thanks to its outstanding aerodynamic properties.
Provides ultimate performance when used with Jet Heads.
Pro Quality.
Leaves a cleaner cut in grass 
Cuts through dense weeds and berry vines 
Cuts fast, even in heavy cutting conditions 
More cutting power than trimmer line 
Quieter than trimmer line 
Safer than steel weed blades 
Different size spools depending on thickness.