Hatchets & Other Axes

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Husqvarna Hatchet Axe
For small firewood and garden work. 13 in
£ 27.99 27.99 GBP

Husqvarna Universal Hatchet H900
Small hatchet for outdoor, trekking and garden activities.
£ 32.99 32.99 GBP

Husqvarna Clearing Axe
Designed to clear brush with one hand. Hickory shaft and replaceable blade on both faces.
£ 43.99 43.99 GBP

Husqvarna Carpenters Axe
For woodwork with a recess in the head by the handle. 19 in
£ 48.99 48.99 GBP

Husqvarna Multi-Purpose Forest Axe 65Cms
For felling smaller trees and limbing logs. 26 in
£ 52.99 52.99 GBP

Husqvarna Camping Axe
A smaller axe ideal for outdoor life in forests and open land, suitable for most tasks like chopping wood for the campfire.
£ 54.99 54.99 GBP

Husqvarna Universal Axe A2400
Powerful universal axe for different types of wood work.
£ 64.99 64.99 GBP