Husqvarna Chainsaw Range
We like to help our customers choose the right chainsaw. If you're not sure, call us and talk to a specialist  01704 896 246
360 View available on many of our chainsaws

Our-Choice Occasional-Use Petrol 360
Husqvarna 135 Chainsaw
Lightweight and efficient saw for homeowners. Starts and handles easily. 14" bar.
£ 179.99 179.99 GBP

Our-Choice Occasional-Use Petrol 360
Husqvarna 435 Petrol Chainsaw
Very easy to start and manoeuvre, an all-round saw for demanding users.
£ 233.99 233.99 GBP

Our-Choice Frequent-Use Petrol 360
Husqvarna 450 Petrol Chainsaw
Second-generation saw with professional qualities for all-round use. Slimmer saw body. 18" bar.
£ 431.25 431.25 GBP

Our-Choice Full-Time-Use Petrol 360
Husqvarna 365 X-Torq Petrol Chainsaw
Super-versatile pro-grade saw for the toughest conditions. The X-Torq engine saves fuel and radically cuts emissions. Available with 18" or 20" bar.
£ 609.99 609.99 GBP

Pro-Use Plug-In 360
Husqvarna 420el Electric Chainsaw
Easy to handle, tool-less chain tensioning and ergonomic handle with a Window for oil level
£ 157.45 157.45 GBP

Occasional-Use Battery
Husqvarna Battery Chainsaw 136Li
Light, convenient saw with Li-ion battery. Toolless, easy to start and with an intuitive keypad.
£ 187.99 187.99 GBP

Pro-Use Battery
Husqvarna Battery Chainsaw 536Li XP
Perfect for contractors, carpenters and other professionals. A high-performance saw with equivalent petrol chain speed.
£ 306.99 306.99 GBP

Top-Handle Battery
Husqvarna Battery Chainsaw T536Li XP
A high-performance top handle saw with Li-ion battery, optimised for arborists. Very easy to use, with high chain speed.
£ 333.99 333.99 GBP

Frequent-Use Petrol 360
Husqvarna 440 Petrol Chainsaw
For part-time users who want a saw that is extremely easy to start and manoeuvre.
£ 337.49 337.49 GBP

Frequent-Use Petrol 360
Husqvarna 445 Petrol Chainsaw
For users who want a pro-grade saw, this powerful all-rounder combines performance with fuel efficiency. Sold with an 18" bar.
£ 399.99 399.99 GBP

Full-Time-Use Petrol
Husqvarna 545 petrol chainsaw
For contractors and landowners facing tough jobs. Powerful, fuel efficient and low emission. Ground-breaking design. Sold with a 15" bar.
£ 479.99 479.99 GBP

Frequent-Use Petrol
Husqvarna Rancher 455 Petrol Chainsaw
Robust all-round saw for demanding jobs. Easy handling and high torque over a wide RPM range. Sold with an 18" bar.
£ 491.99 491.99 GBP

Full-Time-Use Petrol
Husqvarna 555 Petrol Chainsaw
For contractors and landowners who need a powerful, fuel-efficient and low-emission saw with a longer bar. Sold with an 18" bar.
£ 497.99 497.99 GBP

Pro-Use Petrol 360
Husqvarna 550XP Petrol Chainsaw
Several innovative features - perfect for tree care professionals and skilled land owners. Sold with a 13" bar.
£ 524.99 524.99 GBP

Top-Handle Petrol
Husqvarna T540 XP Top Handled Chainsaw
Top handle saw combining performance and balance for arborists and other professionals.
£ 577.49 577.49 GBP

Pro-Use Petrol
Husqvarna 560XP Petrol Chainsaw
For professional loggers and skilled land owners who want efficient, convenient operation. Sold with a 15" bar, 18" option also available.
£ 614.99 614.99 GBP

Chainsaw Maintenance Kit
All the essentials for maintaining a chainsaw. Filing kit, chain oil, 2 Stroke and a spark plug. Save £4.48
£ 35.00 35.0 GBP

Chainsaw Protective Clothing Kit
All the essentials for safe chainsaw use. Protective chaps, helmet with mesh visor and hearing protection and a pair of protective gloves. Chaps and gloves have certified saw protection built in. Save £35.97
£ 119.00 119.0 GBP

Chainsaw Starter Kit
Includes everything from the chainsaw maintenance kit and the chainsaw protective clothing kit. Save £44.45
£ 150.00 150.0 GBP

Firewood Starter Kit
All the essentials (except a saw) to turn trees into firewood. Includes everything from the chainsaw maintenance kit, the chainsaw protective clothing kit plus a saw horse for logging and an axe for splitting. Save £47.42
£ 235.00 235.0 GBP

Chainsaw Chains
Chainsaw Chain Specialists - we can make you a chain for any saw
If it isn't listed, give us a call  01704 896 246
Buy 2 or more chains and get 10% off
Expert Chain Sharpening Service

Chain For Husqvarna 135 and 140 Chainsaws
Size 14"
Ref: 52/A53/11752

£ 17.00 17.0 GBP

Chain For Husqvarna 136, 137e, 141 and 142e Chainsaws
Size 15"
Ref: 64pix

£ 17.00 17.0 GBP

Chain For Husqvarna 235 and 235e Chainsaws
Size 15"
Ref: 64pix

£ 17.00 17.0 GBP

Chain For Husqvarna 236 and 236e Chainsaws
Size 14"
Ref: 52H

£ 16.00 16.0 GBP

Chain For Husqvarna 240e Chainsaw
Later models 2010 on size 14"
Earlier models size 15"

£ 16.00 16.0 GBP

Chain For Husqvarna 317el Chainsaw
Size 14"
£ 16.00 16.0 GBP

Chain For Husqvarna 321el Chainsaw
Size 16"
£ 17.50 17.5 GBP

Chain For Husqvarna 338XPT and T435 Chainsaws
Available in sizes 12" or 14"
£ 13.50 13.5 GBP

Chain For Husqvarna 340, 340e and 345e Chainsaws
Available in sizes 15" or 18"
£ 16.00 16.0 GBP

Chain For Husqvarna 346XP, 357XP, 550XP, 560XP and 545 Chainsaws
Available in sizes 13", 15" or 18"
£ 16.50 16.5 GBP

Chain For Husqvarna 350 Chainsaw
Available in sizes 13", 15" or 18"
£ 16.00 16.0 GBP

Chain For Husqvarna 365 and 570 Chainsaws
Availables in size 15" , 18", 20" or 24"
£ 18.00 18.0 GBP

Chain For Husqvarna 372XP, 575XP and 576XP Chainsaws
Available in sizes 15" , 18", 20" or 24"
£ 18.00 18.0 GBP

Chain For Husqvarna 390XP and 395XP Chainsaws
Availables in size 20", 24" or 28"
£ 18.00 18.0 GBP

Chain For Husqvarna 435, 435e and 440e Chainsaws
Available in sizes 13", 15" or 18"
£ 15.00 15.0 GBP

Chain Sharpening

More available in our Value range
Expert Chain Sharpening Service

Husqvarna Filing Kit
The filing kit comprising 2 round files, 1 flat file, roller guide, depth gauge and handle
£ 17.50 17.5 GBP

Oregon Sharpening Kits For Chainsaw Chains
This is a basic kit for hand maintenance of chain and bar from Oregon
£ 14.65 14.65 GBP

Round Chainsaw File
Oregon single round chainsaw file
£ 1.50 1.5 GBP

Round Files, Box Of 12
Oregon chain sharpening files. Save £3
£ 15.00 15.0 GBP

Flat File
£ 2.50 2.5 GBP

Flat Files, Box of 12
Save £5.01
£ 24.99 24.99 GBP

Husqvarna Depth Gauges
£ 2.59 2.59 GBP

File Handle
Replacement handle for Husqvarna file
£ 3.99 3.99 GBP

Husqvarna Combi Gauges
£ 8.99 8.99 GBP

Husqvarna Filing Clamps
keeps your bar held firm while you sharpen your chain
£ 16.99 16.99 GBP

Oregon PowerSharp System
Complete PowerSharp system including chain, sharpening stone, guide bar and sharpener.
£ 53.82 53.82 GBP

Sharpening Stones
Pack of 3 sharpening stones for use with the Oregon PowerSharp system
£ 8.95 8.95 GBP

Guide Bars & Covers

Fuel Cans & Mixing Bottles

Husqvarna CombiCan
Two containers (5L & 2.5L) for optimised fuel and chain oil ratio and an integrated tool box.
£ 36.99 36.99 GBP

Fuel Mixing Bottle
£ 6.99 6.99 GBP

Oregon Transparent Combican
Oregon combican fuel bottle.
£ 22.99 22.99 GBP

Fuel Filter Funnel
Fuel funnel with a filter
£ 1.99 1.99 GBP

Chainsaw Bags & Boxes

Husqvarna Chainsaw Bag
Husqvarna handy chainsaw bag, ideal for storing and carrying your chainsaw around in.
Fits the 136/137 up to and including the 359 with a 20" bar.

£ 31.99 31.99 GBP

Husqvarna Powerbox chainsaw box
Tough handy carrying case by Husqvarna designed to carry a chainsaw, lubricants, and other accessories.
£ 44.99 44.99 GBP

Husqvarna Rucksack Backpack
Back pack rucksack from Husqvarna made from ripstop nylon
£ 32.99 32.99 GBP

Husqvarna Logger Clobber Bag
Husqvarna forest bag
£ 42.99 42.99 GBP

Husqvarna Forest Trolley Bag
The Husqvarna forest trolley bag with wheels and retractable towing handle
£ 65.99 65.99 GBP

Toolbelts, Holsters & Toolkits

Husqvarna Combi Holster
Perfect for storing timber tongs & lifting hooks.
£ 8.99 8.99 GBP

Husqvarna Rear Tool Carrier
This has a large storage pocket for first aid kit, spare chain and carburettor screwdriver
£ 16.99 16.99 GBP

Husqvarna Wide Tool Belt
This is an extra wide Husqvarna belt to support the back
£ 26.99 26.99 GBP

Husqvarna Measuring Tape
Tough measuring tape for outdoor use
£ 40.00 40.0 GBP

Husqvarna Complete Tool Belt
Includes a wide tool belt, rear tool carrier, 2x combi holsters, a measuring tape, a lifting hook and timber tongs. Save £18.95
£ 123.99 123.99 GBP

Oil & Grease For Chainsaws

More available in our Value range

Husqvarna Chain Oil
Mineral Chain oil with an adhesive agent for high-performance chainsaws.
£ 4.99 4.99 GBP

Husqvarna 2 Stroke Oil LS
1 Litre of genuine Husqvarna high quality two stroke oil which is developed especially for high performance engines.
£ 12.49 12.49 GBP

Husqvarna 2 Stroke Oil XP
Husqvarna high-quality oil for high-performance engines and demanding conditions. Recommended for peak-performing chainsaws and brushcutters.
£ 18.95 18.95 GBP

Husqvarna 4 Stroke Engine Oil
Husqvarna super SAE 30 4 stroke engine oil
£ 5.99 5.99 GBP

Oregon Red Fluid Grease Sachet
Single sachet of red fluid grease, 50ml
£ 1.50 1.5 GBP

Oregon Grease Gun
£ 7.50 7.5 GBP

Oregon Grease Gun And Sachet
Oregon grease gun with a 50ml sachet of red grease
£ 8.69 8.69 GBP

Oregon Red Fluid Grease
Oregon red fluid grease in 1 litre container
£ 11.69 11.69 GBP

Spares & Consumables For Chainsaws

Bar Scraper
£ 1.60 1.6 GBP

Spark Plugs
Spark plugs for all chainsaws and most other garden machinery, such as hedge trimmers, brush cutters, blowers etc
£ 4.50 4.5 GBP

Starter Cord
Replacement starter cord for all garden machinery.
£ 1.50 1.5 GBP

Bar Nuts
Replacement nuts for chainsaw bars.
£ 2.20 2.2 GBP

Chainsaw Spanner
Everything you need on a spanner.
£ 4.50 4.5 GBP

Starter Handles
Quality replacement starter handle for most garden machinery.
£ 4.50 4.5 GBP

Blood Clotting & First Aid

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