Chainsaw Spanner

Chainsaw Spanner
Everything you need on a spanner. | Available to buy from Chainsaw Specialists

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Everything you need on a spanner.

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Screnches are multi-purpose chainsaw wrenches that go by many names (Bar Wrench, T-Bar Wrench). Screnches are primarily used for adjusting the chain tension on a chainsaw, removing the spark plug and for accessing air filters, starters, etc on certain saws. They are a versatile little tool that does the job of 2 wrenches and a screwdriver. The scrench is not restricted to the chain saw. It also works on small petrol engine powered strimmers, leaf blowers and even Go Karts. You can even change the spark plugs in your car with it if you have have the correct sizes. It's a worthwhile, versatile, universal little tool to carry around everywhere you go. Screnches are made of heat treated, zinc plated steel.

Popular sizes are 13mm x 19mm, 21mm x 17mm, and 16mm x 10mm. Please ring or email if you are not sure which size you need.