Chainsaw Bags & Boxes

Husqvarna Chainsaw Bag
Husqvarna handy chainsaw bag, ideal for storing and carrying your chainsaw around in.
Fits the 136/137 up to and including the 359 with a 20" bar.

£ 31.99 31.99 GBP

Husqvarna Powerbox chainsaw box
Tough handy carrying case by Husqvarna designed to carry a chainsaw, lubricants, and other accessories.
£ 44.99 44.99 GBP

Husqvarna Rucksack Backpack
Back pack rucksack from Husqvarna made from ripstop nylon
£ 32.99 32.99 GBP

Husqvarna Logger Clobber Bag
Husqvarna forest bag
£ 42.99 42.99 GBP

Husqvarna Forest Trolley Bag
The Husqvarna forest trolley bag with wheels and retractable towing handle
£ 65.99 65.99 GBP