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Celox 15G Pack Blood Clotting Granules

Celox 15G Pack Blood Clotting Granules
Price is for one 15g pack (sachet). | Available to buy from Chainsaw Specialists

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Price is for one 15g pack (sachet). 
CELOX™ granules are the first in a new generation of emergency hemostatic agents. They are simple to use and highly effective. CELOX granules quickly control even the most severe arterial bleeding. Just pour it in, pack it, and apply pressure. No specific training is required.

CELOX 15g packs are small, lightweight and pocket-sized for easy opening with just one hand for self-application if needed. There's no need to carefully measure or cautiously apply the CELOX granules. Just pour the entire contents right into the wound. It's an emergency product that you can depend on to save seconds in controlling a bleed, even on deep arterial bleeds. 

Whether you are working with a chainsaw, in a workshop, in construction, commercial fishing, logging, oil rigs, manufacturing, warehousing, heavy machinery, stunt work, utilities or mining, an emergency can happen without warning. 

Sometimes help is only minutes away. Other times it's a lot longer. Severe arterial bleeding can put you in shock, or damage tissue and organs quickly. You need to stop the bleeding fast and CELOX's new technology is a proven, reliable agent to stop bleeding. 

With CELOX Industrial there's no special training needed. Just pour it, pack it and apply pressure. 

It's a granular hemostatic agent that works independently of blood clotting factors. That means that even if blood contains Coumadin or Warfarin, or is hyperthermic then it will clot with CELOX. 

CELOX works even on the worst arterial bleeding to control blood loss fast. And now the US Marines have tested CELOX and the results are outstanding. CELOX is the only product to obtain 100% survival. 

CELOX is not a danger for inhalation or ingestion, so it's safe to use for all wounds - including serious head, neck and chest injuries. And it's not exothermic, so there's no burn hazard to the victim or to you. 

CELOX clots blood fast, works in hypothermic conditions and also clots blood containing heparin or warfarin. CELOX does not generate heat in use and won't burn. Celox is safe to use for the entire body including head, neck and chest wounds.

Importantly, CELOX can be used instantly and without hesitation as a fast, safe and simple emergency treatment for serious bleeding. For yourself or for others, on the job, on the battlefield, or in the home, CELOX is an easy, quick way to reduce blood loss and save lives.