Why Buy From Us?

Is your dealer a 2 stroke specialist selling only a technologically superior make of machine? … or a general machinery retailer selling any machine out of a box?

Is your dealer a small long established family firm? … or a large anonymous warehouse, established as long as their lease runs?

Is your dealer able to answer any and every query you have - before, during and long after the purchase of your machine? … or do you talk to a receptionist who tells you to 'read the instructions'?

Is your dealer able to 'power tune' every individual machine to maximum efficiency and maximum power? … or do they P.D.I. it, making sure everything is in the box (not even running it)?

Well, in answer to the above, we are a 2 stroke machine specialist selling top quality Husqvarna products; we are a family firm and have been established over 30 years; we are pleased to answer any query anytime; and we do a 'power tune' on each and every machine we sell.

We are a bricks and mortar business with a website, not just an internet only business, and as such treat all our online customers as if they were one of our local customers coming through the door.

Over the years every machine leaving our premises has been run and tuned.

Across the range of all 2 stroke machines emission controls have now been introduced. Well designed machines can be more fuel efficient and produce lower emissions. Certainly running a machine a little bit weak will reduce emissions, but you may not be getting the best out of your machine.

Slow acceleration, lower power and hotter running may be a result. Carburettors now need special tools to adjust them (so the customer can't mess with the settings).

With the latest low emission machines I've yet to find one that I can't improve with our power tune.

One of our customers rang me up to tell me both his 'power tuned' Husky chainsaws had been stolen. The insurance company replaced them with out of the box identical machines (not from us). He's now bringing them in to us to be power tuned as he's not happy with the lower performance of his new machines. He hadn't realised what a difference the 'power tune' made until it wasn't there !!