Husqvarna 129RJ Brushcutter

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Husqvarna 129RJ brushcutter

Husqvarna 129RJ brushcutter

Price: 268.99


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Versatile & powerful brushcutter for occasional use with J-handle
Husqvarna 129RJ Brushcutter comes with a J-handle for improved versatility and ability to work in more complex positions and angles. The brushcutter also comes with a 27cc engine and benefits from Smart Start and intuitive control for an easier start-up and operating experience.
Lightweight brushcutter, perfect for homeowners. Easy starting with Smart Start recoil system, fuel pump and an always-ON auto return stop switch for trouble free starting.

Equipped with easy loading, semi automatic, trimmer head and metal blade. E-TECH engine for reduced emmissions.

There is a file and gauge available to ensure you keep the saw blade sharpened at the correct angles.

Equipped with J-handle for greater versatility.

Fuel pump
Fuel pump designed for easy starting.

Smart Start®
The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort. Resistance in the starter cord is reduced by up to 40%.

Auto return stop switch
Stop switch automatically resets to the ON position for trouble-free starting.

The cutting attachment combi-guard can be used with either a grass blade or a trimmer head.

Drive gear angle - 30°
Weight (excl. cutting equipment) - 4.76 kg
Tube diameter - 25.4 mm
Cylinder displacement -27.6 cc
Power output - 0.85 kW
Maximum power speed - 8000 rpm
Fuel tank volume - 0.343 l
Fuel consumption - 495 g/kWh
Idling speed - 2800 rpm
Spark plug - NGK CMR6A
Electrode gap - 0.5 mm
Clutch engagement speed (±120) - 4200 rpm
Maximum rpm output shaft - 7200 rpm
Output shaft thread - M10x1.25V
OEM Grass blade - Grass 255-4
OEM Harness - Standard single harness
OEM Trimmer head - T25 (L)
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) - 114 dB(A)
Sound power level, measured - 106 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at operators ear - 94 dB(A)

Equipment OEM Trimmer head T25 (L)
OEM Grass blade Grass 255-4
OEM Saw blade --
OEM Harness Single harness

Overall dimensions
Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 4.8 kg / 10.6 lbs

Trimmer head T25
Exclusively designed by Husqvarna the T25 trimmer head features a semi-automatic cord feed system which we also call Tap’n go. The trimmer line is fed automatically when the head is pushed into the ground. This means that the user always controls when the line is fed and the line can be fed while working with the machine. The machine does not need to be turned off or released from the harness while feeding is taking place.

Grass blade 4-tooth
For dense, coarse grass, but not for woody growth. Grass falls onto the blade for neat rows.

Combi guards
For trimmer heads and grass blades.

Support cup
Prevents the blade from digging into ground. Two versions. One rotates with the blade and the other runs on bearings for extended life.

Harness Diagonal
Simple harness for smaller trimmers. Easy to remove the harness with one hand if needed.

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