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Listed are chains for the most popular Husqvarna chainsaws, but we can also supply chain for any saw. Please telephone or e-mail us to find out which chain is suitable for your saw, and how much it will be. We stock chain for all saws, and we make them up to fit your saw. They can range in size from 10" to over 42", and are priced per link. We stock chain of different pitches and will advise on the most suitable depending on your saw and the use it is put to. We will need to know what make and model your saw is, and also the number of links on the chain.

We only sell the premium grade Oregon chain. We don't stock cheap unknown inferior chain, which can stretch, break and not hold it's edge. Oregon are the brand leaders and manufacture for many top class saw producers.

Another way to get a new chain is to send us your old chain and we can supply another to match, and we can let you know at the same time if your old chain can be resharpened. Click here for details of our chain resharpening service.

Chains for other makes of chainsaws

You will find chains for most other chainsaws listed on our sister website at

Husqvarna 321el chains
Total Price: 17.50more info

Husqvarna 240e chains
Total Price: 17.50more info

Husqvarna 350 chains
Total Price: 17.00more info
Husqvarna 365 and 570 chains
Total Price: 19.00more info

Husqvarna 445e and 450e chains
Total Price: 18.00more info

Husqvarna 3120XP chainsaw
Total Price: 38.00more info

Chainsaw Specialists |  Chains