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Chain sharpening service  8.50p

Chain sharpening service £8.50p

Don't throw your old chain away - send it to us to be sharpened!!!

Pop your chain or chains in a jiffy bag (or other strong envelope) and post it to us at:-

Chainsaw Specialists
43 Liverpool Road North
Burscough, Lancashire
L40 0SA

and we will expertly sharpen it and return it to you. You could also take the opportunity to purchase a new chain or chains at the same time if you wish. If your chain is too far gone to sharpen we will let you know.

Cost of sharpening a chain (and returning it to you of course) is £8.50. Either print the form below (or just use use a sheet of paper with your details on it) and return it with your chain or chains. You can either send a cheque (made out to Chainsaw Specialists) or we can ring you for card payment. Any queries, please phone us on 01704 896246.

Your details

Name ________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________________


Post Code __________________________

Telephone No. (day) __________________________(evening)________________________

E-Mail address _________________________________________________

Cheque enclosed for £ ___________________

I am sending ___________ chains for sharpening @ £8.50 each (which includes return postage)

NEW CHAINS - I would like to purchase ________ new chains (same type as enclosed)

at £_________ each
(if you don't know the price of a new chain we will let you know once we see your old chain, or you can ring and ask us on 01704 896246 with details of the chain you require).

Chainsaw Specialists |  Chain sharpening service